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Monday, October 15, 2007 


I've been making a much more concerted effort to get around England this year, I'm not sure if people noticed but I do get chided on this quite a lot in comments and emails. A lot of, "my town is the greatest and if you don't come here you'll never get the full experience of living in the UK." I appreciate these insights, I really do. But I'll never make it everywhere. That said, I really do want to see as much as I can, after all Europe is awesome, but this is where I came to live.

In the spirit of that, may I present to you my two hours in Winchester. Apparently it has a very big cathedral, used to be the capital of England, has the Table-that-they-tell-tourists-is-THE-round-one-knights-used-to-sit-at-but-
that's-not-true, and Jane Austen died there. It was a nice way to spend an afternoon.

King Aurthur's Round Table

The famously long Winchester Cathedral

The Guildhall

View from atop one of the gates

(Not sure what this is, may be part of Winchester College, feel free to correct me if you know).

That last one is Cheyney Court. I think it was where the gatekeeper for the adjacent Priory Gate lived, and then the Bishop took it over, as is the wont of the church.

The round table is hanging on the wall? Were the knights related to Spider-Man?

The channel 4 show, 'Location, Location, Location' has just named Winchester as the second best place to live in the UK (behind Edinburgh) - down one spot from last year.

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