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Tuesday, August 14, 2007 


On the way back from Bath, we just had to stop in Oxford. It was beautiful and peaceful. The buildings are so amazing. Almost makes me wish I weren't living in London!

Christ Church, University of Oxford

Now I know where Harry Potter eats!

And as an added bonus we stayed in a hotel that used to be a prison:

Yes, it looks cool, but it actually kind of freaked me out. I wasn't really comfortable in the place, despite it being a very fancy luxury hotel and all.

oh now you complain. i tell ya...

Is that Hotel an ex prison or something?

I think that would freak me out, too. Great idea though, for people who enjoy that kind of thing!

Is that 'where Harry Potter eats' photo St Johns Oxford? (It looks a lot like the hall where we ate when I did a one week course there back in '97, before going on to do a degree at the other St Johns - then again, the colleges all look a lot alike...)

No, that was Christchurch. That was the only college we went into!

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