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Tuesday, June 26, 2007 


This is addressed to all of you living in and around London: Um, does anyone know what the hell happened to summer?! It is freezing! Like, I'm outside for one minute in long sleeved shirt and jeans and I am actually cold. (And I've acclimated over the years, I swear.) I know that Wimbledon's on, and this is a prescription for bad weather and rain, but this is absurd. What happened to all those heat waves from last summer? I know it's flooding and things are a real mess, but come on greenhouse gases! Fifty degrees (10 C) is just too damn cold for the end of June.

It's been broken by George Bush and cow farts.

This is tropical by historic standards - In the middle ages the Thames used to freeze over for 3 months and they would have markets on it.

Still it is a little odd when in the middle of summer they are moving people out of the way of a dam that is trying to burst.


Monica, you have become truely British... rediced to talking about the weather!


Ooops sorry for the typo!

(Should be the mission statement for your thesis)

Personally, I blame the combination of Glastonbury and Wimbledon; guaranteed, when either is, bad weather (horrendous weather, atrocious weather, awful weather) is a dead cert.

If we did away with Glasto/Wimbillydon, our summer would be perfect, I'm sure of it.

It's perfect weather for hangovers - you don't want any of that hot stuff when you've got a banging head.

Wimbledon and Glasto both cause large numbers of hangovers, those people are truly grateful for the weather!

My somewhat odd live-in Landlady hasn't provided me with keys for the locks on my windows, so for now I am quite happy with it all

I think the answer is obvious.

The GORACLE must have landed in London.


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