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Sunday, March 18, 2007 


I am now at the stage of my PhD where it's time for me to start getting the word out about what I've done. It's time to convince people that I've done something novel (and that I've done it correctly) and this would be of interest to them. Oh, and also if they happen to be interested in hiring me that would be even better.

Somehow I've gotten roped into a bunch of dates at which I'm giving presentations (about 20 to 30 minutes each). Here are my tour dates:

14 Feb- University of Hertfordshire, UK
7 Mar- Pharmaceutical Science Division, King's College, London, UK
24 Mar- Society of Cosmetic Chemists, Wollongong, Australia
26 Apr- [a pharmaceutical company I can't name], Guilford, UK
6 Jul- Postgraduate Symposium, King's College, London, UK

I know, it makes me dizzy to think about it. I'm thinking of getting t-shirts made with this printed on that back, like bands do. Luckily I feel pretty comfortable speaking in public so it's not really a big deal. The last two will probably be the poorest of the bunch, as one is the day after I return from a week in Amsterdam, and the other the day after my 30th birthday; so neither time I think my synapses will be firing all that quickly.

So I'm off to Australia now! That's Wollongong for the conference, then a week in Sydney and a week in Melbourne, bookmarked by two long layovers in Singapore. I'm so excited I can barely sit still! (Which is only going to make the 22 hour flight that much longer....)

So I won't be blogging for about a month, try not to miss me too much!

I'm going to every show. I'll be the one whooping and cheering for encores.

Typical like most tours the furthest north you get is Hertfordshire, it's like the north of England is invisible or something, bands just skip us and go straight from Leeds to Edinburgh not stopping at Newcastle even though it's a great city. I hope you have a good time and I'll be sad not to read this blog for a while.

I miss you already, you rat fink!

Good luck and have a great trip.

I am confident you will dazzle and wow. I mean, Hertfordshire is a tough audience, and if you can survive them...

If you can drum up five people who want to hear about either, "Deviations from Fick's law when modeling drug release across cellulose membranes," or "Novel metered dose aerosols for topical drug delivery," in Newcastle, I will so be there.

~Monica in Sinapore

I would so buy one of your tour T-shirts.

Guildford would be my location of choice, if only because I like the train station there. Only when it's sunny though.

Railway Station, Curly, Railway Station, please - we're not Americans

Crap, do we say railway station?

I get told off for saying things like railroad, store and cellphone too. I think it comes from conversing with Canadians too much.

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