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Sunday, March 04, 2007 


I spent all Saturday afternoon stomping around the Primrose Hill neighborhood since finally, for what seems like the first time in months, the sun has come out. I wanted to check out a place I'd never seen before, which I most certainly did. I've never in my life seen a place where people just park their Rolls Royces and Ferraris out on the street.

I've had a debate a few times about where the best view of London is (from the ground only, no sky scrapers or London Eye can be included). Usual suspects are Primrose Hill and Hampstead Heath. Now having seen both of these, I think they pale in comparison to Greenwich Park. Here, you decide:

Primrose Hill, Regent Park:

Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath:

Greenwich Park:

The Greenwich view is actually difficult to catch on film, it's more of an overwhelming panoramic vista of awesomeness. I think what puts it over the top for me is the sight of the river. If the Thames weren't here, London wouldn't be here, so what's the point of trying to see all of London at once without seeing the river?

I absolutely love views, so if you have any hidden gems please let me know!

Been to London a few times now, and you're correct: the view from Greenwich is the best. Took a ferry boat there and got to take it all in, from the Eye and the Globe to the East end and that big egg-looking building. Finally got to the top of the hill, to see Harrison's clocks in the observatory. Is that where you took your photo?

Apologies for getting any of the details wrong, but I took the trip five years ago, and the memory fails. I don't remember being able to see so much of London from the Observatory, but I could have this all wrong and you now have the opportunity to sneer at my poor tourist recollections.

I do some work for a company in Canary Wharf and have been experimenting with hotel locations, because the ones right near the client's office are so expensive. Last month, I tried a Novotel in Greenwich. I loved the location and can't wait for the evenings to be light so that I can explore Greenwich in the evenings after work.

Nice photos!



My images of London, the non funny landscapey ones, are typically a little crowded, and show more of the "urban fabric" of a city that has grown over a loooong time. Panoramic overshots feel a little sterile to me. Your photos, of course, are loverly.

London wouldn't be here without the river?? Monica, Richard Rogers did that river you divvy!

just started reading your blog and i love it.
i am interested in studying abroad in london (at the moment I am in NYC) and so your experience there is very interesting to me.

thanks a lot, and keep the blogging up.


The first Greenwich Park picture is my favourite, that looks like a great place to sit during a hot summers day.

Speaking as a 28-year U.S. Coastie who visited London (and Greenwich) in 1974, I certainly agree that the view from Naval Observatory hill trumps all. And why not? It was built by sailors, duh.


Maybe you missed your calling, ditch the research and become a photographer.

Alexander Palace is the best view, plus you can go ice skating there in Winter! Also is first ever tv station so could go there to see where tv started. Monica- head up to North London sometime, Crouch End has some very good cafes and my aunt who lives there spots famous people all the time, she bumped into Niles from Frasier once and the main singer from Travis lives a few streets away from her. Not to mention half the cast of Eastenders seem to go there....

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