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Friday, January 05, 2007 


I'm just back from America (lovely time) and quite confused about something: it seems to me that Celebrity Big Brother is a massive misnomer. Seriously, look at this list of "celebrities":

Jermaine Jackson
Danielle Lloyd
Ken Russell
Jo O'Meara
Leo Sayer
Shilpa Shetty
Carole Malone
Donny Tourette
Ian "H" Watkins
Cleo Rocos
Dirk Benedict

Right, I recognize one by the name (related to someone really famous) and one by face (yes, they showed S Club 7 TV programs in the States when I was younger, although I never really figured out why) and that's it. I guess I should recognize one for being on a very popular 80s American TV show, but I honestly didn't watch that enough to recognize him, maybe I was a little young at the time.

Other than that, zip. According to the Official Big Brother Website one's a Playmate (only one?), one's a Bollywood star, and one is apparently "famous" for boinking Peaches Geldof. Honestly, I'm not even 100% sure who she is, and if that's his claim to fame this is just sad. I know that our definition of celebrity has expanded considerably in the past 5 years, but this a lot is lamer than my lamest expectations. I'm quite relieved I won't have to waste time watching it!

It is a BRITISH TV show. If there was an American version (and I hear that there was) not many of the names would be well known in UK. That's life! I have to admit to never having heard of Donny, Danielle and Shilpa.

But I have lived here two and a half years, generally watch a lot of TV, and have been known to purchase my fair share of OK! Surely I should be on par with the average Brit's pop culture radar, right?

I'm sorry but I really don't understand your doubt ... This is (once more), an unoriginal third-hand "take" on the dutch "Big Brother" show of the 1990s ... apart from the 70 year old Ken Russell (who wouldn't be there at all unless his uninsured home hadn't burned down), who gives a bloody toss... despite the press write up, most brits honestly really couldn't give a toss and don't watch the programme...

Do your local bunch of pissheads differ from mine?

Since I have been mentioned by Welsh-language media several times, I think I fit Big Brother's low standard for "celebrity." I am waiting for them to call.

As my preference in music leans slighty towards that genre, I'm quite familiar with Donny Tourette. Although disturbingly I also know who 'H' is, he's one of us (Us as in Welsh, not the gays).

I'd forgotten completely about Jo O'Meara as she always came well behind Hannah Spearitt, Bradley McIntosh and Rachel Stevens in my 'I would' list.

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