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Monday, October 23, 2006 


This is precisely what happens when you don't have the buffer of Halloween and Thanksgiving to stop the madness: Christmas in mid-October. It wouldn't surprise me if in five years it was Christmas in July for poor London. Honestly.

We still get the Christmas decorations put out in most store here after Halloween. Some of the larger club-type stores (like Costco) already have all of their Christmas stuff out and most of it gets sold before December!

btw, by "we" I meant here in the U.S., or at least in CA.

Did you see any cookies shaped like Hollywood stars in there??? If not, you should. Hi Monica.

Between now and Xmas, we have the following exciting days approaching:

29 Oct - National Feed The Birds Day
1 Nov - World Vegan Day
21 Nov - World Television Day
2 Dec - Tree Dressing Day

In lieu of sufficient Halloween and Thanksgiving celebrations you are welcome to celebrate any and all of these with me.

Christmas in October...Sounds right to me, but I'm a desensitized American. On the other hand, there was a store in Sarajevo putting out pumpkin and scarecrow decorations in July. But I think they were just confused.

My Target has already gotten rid of half of the Halloween stock and there are Christmas goods up for sale. This happened last week.


Whatever way you look at it, it's still wrong.


What do you mean no Halloween? Growing up in South West England everyone celebrated Halloween, carved pumkins, bobbed for apples and went trick or treating. Then five days later we have Guy Fawkes Day. Now I live in California I miss Guy Fawkes. "Remember, Remember, the 5th of November".

We certainly do have halloween in England. Doesnt stop Xmas decs appearing though!

Yes, what are you talking about? Of course we have Haloween, and then Guy Fawkes. "Proper" shops have to wait till after Guy Fawkes for full-on Christmas decs.

I mean, yes of course you have Halloween, but adults don't seem to be into it at all. I haven't heard of a single adult Halloween party in three years. Even went to the KCL SU bar on Halloween night to find it sparsely attended at best.

Ah yes, Bonfire Night is great, the air smells abit like gunpowder that night from all the big fires and fireworks around the place. Also there is Mischief Night, but its being forgotten sadly due to Halloween over shadowing it. :(

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