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Friday, October 20, 2006 


Well it seems we are making some progress in finding American groceries in London! A new office mate introduced me to this site. Apparently his twin brother's girlfriend had just returned from a trip to Canada bearing Reese's Pieces. Ah... heaven help the foreigner who discovers these for the first time!

American Sweets

Of course, the seasoned ex-pat knows that these can be obtained (abet very very expensively) at Cyber Candy in Covent Garden. One pound for a tiny bag is the price you pay for following your heart overseas.

This is encouraging to see Kraft Macaroni & Cheese make an appearance, although four dollars a box is mildly horrifying. I haven't bought anything from these sites yet, but I will if I don't get my connections from back in American to send me some Mac & Cheese soon!!

Wow, I don't know why those prices still surprise me since I've been there before but that's like a 400% mark up on the mac and cheese price! I hope your family sends you a car package to save some $!

If you really need an immediate fix you can try Rosalyn Deli in Hampstead (just down the high street about 5 min from the Tube). They have a back room with a bunch of American foods including Mac n' Cheese. It will still set you back about £2 a box though!

ohhh good to know!
you should check out Panzers - a store in St. John's Wood
The prices weren't too bad & they had quite a lot of American foods:)

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your advice on AmericanSweets.com. I just moved to London from the U.S. a week ago and I cannot believe the differences between the two cultures as far as groceries go. I spent numerous hours this week in all the big supermarkets trying to figure out what everything was (and why they have about 97 varieties of ham) and where to find things I am used to. I am addicted to "sweet pickle relish" and cannot believe that its not popular or even available here, given the selection of pickled foods. Any ideas where to find it besides on line? Already checked Tesco, Waitrose, M & S and Sainbury's. No one had it.

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