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Tuesday, September 19, 2006 


Two years ago on this date I packed up what was left of my meager belongings, said a tearful farewell to my family at Dulles Airport and left on a jet plane for London permanently. I'm surprised to say that I am still here, considering my state of mind those first 24 hours... I was so lost and confused. Two years on and I now call London, "home."

I won't bother with poor attempts at summarizing my time here or waxing poetic about how much I love life in London. I'll only state one example of how these past two years have changed me:

I now definitely have a tinge of British accent.

As one snooty officemate said to me last month, "You know, your voice doesn't annoy the hell out of me anymore. That awful American accent has definitely softened a great deal."

Ouch! Saying that, I've started to change the Irish accent that my fiancé has!

And you have learned how to spell arse.

its funny after four years I have found myself trying to ditch that emglish twinge in favour of the godo old yank - loud and proud.

Keep loving London and keep blogging!

YOu seem to be doing better than me then, as after 12 years my accent has not got a tinge of London, unless I delibertly try and sound as if I'm from Sarf of the River. But usualy it is still very very Welsh.

heh, so you're also from the greatest city in america. puh leeeeeze tell me if you can find any empanadas here. im dying without my julia's!

The only empanadas I've come across are at a Cuban bar right next to Waterloo Station. Pretty good actually.


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