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Thursday, August 03, 2006 

Non sequitur

As I mentioned earlier, my supervisor has left the university. He is still my supervisor however, and is far from absent from my life. I now get phone calls instead of a random appearance followed by, "Monica. Office. Now."

Quite a lot has been happening with my project lately (essentially, either I'm doing something horribly wrong or I'm about to disprove a theory that's about 50 years old. Either way I see a challenge ahead!) and so when he called today I thought that we would have plenty to discuss. About five minutes into the call...

Me: Right. So what I think must be happening is the solvent is interacting with the membrane or the drug is becoming entrapped in the membrane. I'm pretty sure it's the solvent and here's why--
Him: Do you watch Celebrity Love Island?
Me:............. What?

My supervisor is a great hulking lug of a man. He barks orders. He uses the word "fuck" a lot. He plays rugby. He might be the Gordon Ramsey of pharmaceuticals. He is, in other words, not the type of man one would normally associate with a reality TV show that strands C-list celebrities on a Fijian island where they are systematically eliminated over time unless they make out with someone. (I think.)

The British and their reality TV shows. I guess America is the same, but I don't think Survivor matches the intensity of Big Brother UK for nationwide obsession. But America likes to do lots and lots of little reality shows that only last a few weeks and are quickly forgotten. Joe Millionaire and Playing it Straight come to mind. But Big Brother here is absolutely massive (#48) like front-page news massive, and so this series I thought, "what the hell I have a TV and probably enough brain cells to keep up, I'll check it out." I was pretty into it until fortunately I went to Greece and broke the spell. Upon returning I realized that if there's anyone more annoying on this planet than Richard I don't want to know about it and cut myself off cold turkey. Good thing too because I'm pretty sure this BB lasts about four months.

Me:............. What?
Him: Yea, I can't stop watching it, fucking addicted. Need to talk about it.
Me: Oh, just go get an OK! magazine and sort yourself out.

It's just NOT the same without Nikki...



BB is getting seriously dull. Even Russell Brand is having a hard time keeping up the enthusiasm.

I reckon when the evict the next person they should make a wax replica of the persons head filled with a pigs brain, upper spine, etc. Half an hour after the person is evicted they should feed a video showing the evictee being beheaded and then Divina throwing the wax head over into the garden. Immediately BB calls housemates into the diary room to nominate for next week.

How's that fo TV?

Your supervisor must be the only one who watches Love Island.

BB3 was the highpoint, it just had very entertaining moments and a good mix of people, all the rest have just been dull. Urg Love Island is just terrible, supervisor is probbly just trying to fit in with everyone else by watching reality tv.

Thank you for making me happy I don't own a TV.

urgh, just hate big brother, love island etc. What a waste of time. And E4 shows it constantly. Crazy. FOUR MONTHS??? Blimey, i though it was dragging on a bit

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