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Sunday, May 14, 2006 


Perhaps does not quite count as "getting out of London" but it sure felt light-years away. So gorgeous and peaceful. If there's any place prettier than the English countryside in summer I don't want to know about it!

Beautiful pictures! :)

British countryside is very beautiful if you see it in sunshine. Especially the Lake District.

Nice pictures. It looks exactly like Virginia.


I'll try my hardest not to tell you about how nice the Scottish countryside looks in the summer then.

British countryside, outside a nice country pub with the sun shining. The best. I love it.

If visiting Richmond I recommend also seeing Richmond Park. Particularly nice with the deer and because you can stand in the middle of it and never know you are in one of the world's largest cities (except for the planes continously flying over on their approach to Heathrow.)

Windsor is also worth exploring if you like Richmond, as it feels very similar, although a lot more crowded/touristy in high summer.

Hopefully the summer will restart sometime soon!

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