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Friday, May 05, 2006 


Finally! Summer has arrived! Flip flops to work, sleeping with the windows open and fan on, and lunches outside in the park with my shoulders slightly sunburnt. It seemed to take much longer to get here than when compared to last year, and it's certain not to last long, however it's amazing what a few sunny days can do to my disposition. I wonder if natural born Londoners feel the same: the Standard had the headline yesterday of "HEATWAVE" and stories of how the tube was shut down. Yes, one day at 81F/27C certainly qualifies as a heatwave here. Silly brits.

Not silly Brits, but silly British media.

True... true...

I'm reminded of Seattle media types, whose asinine hyperbole ("Hang on, folks -- another scorcher again tomorrow: 82 by the afternoon -- and that's not all! We could have high 70s-low 80s WELL into the weekend! So take care! Drink plenty of liquids, make sure pets can get into the shade, check on the old folks," etc.) I actually believed, until I moved to Washington, Dc. Now when PacNW types visit in the summer, they learn what "stinkin' hot" really means. *Hmph*

Hot Pop

"All may have, if they dare try, a glorious life" -- I like that quote. Enjoy the weather; I have a gut feeling that it will suddenly go cold and miserable as soon as I move to the UK.

british weather isn't half as bad as everyone seems to think, yes its not as hot as other continents (we are a small island surrounded by water and not at all near the equator), and it rains a lot in the west of the country but we are already experiencing a water shortage in the south east. What is different are the grey days without sun. But as a native londoner I'd rather have that than winter-long blackened snow like they have in some parts of the states. And this has been an unusually long winter however - spring was at least a month late.

Harriet, the problem with British weather is that we have so much of it. Other places have a climate, we just have weather, and all you can realistically predict is that July will be warmer than January. Whether it will be drier, wetter, windier, whatever, always remains an open question until when you wake up in the morning. Even then, there's still no guarantee that you won't hop onto the tube in bright sunshine and arrive at wherever 30 minutes later to pouring rain.

I agree, one day we kept having 30 mins of blizzards then 30 mins of sunshine, It was like as if the weather couldn't make up it's mind. It's because Britain is quite far up north but also close to the gulf stream.

Oooohh. Wonder if I could get away with flip flops to work?

Ahh...it'd just rain.

Well Monica, you must have settled in to the English way - you're talking about the weather now...

By the way, have you ever been taken up the Oxo Tower? :)

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