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Friday, April 14, 2006 


Who oh who did I spot today next to me sifting through tops at Miss Selfridge's? Carmen Electra! I noticed her coat first, it was gorgeous. I walked past, looked at her face and thought, "No way...." That's when I noticed a guy, dressed in all black, who certainly wasn't shopping but just following her at a distance and watching her every move. Definitely a bodyguard. (Why must they always wear black?)

This brings my London celebrity sightings to a total of 6:

1. Martin Freeman
2. Goldie Hawn
3. Kurt Russell
4. Ivana Trump
5. Charlotte Church
6. Carmen Electra

I like that Martin Freeman was my first, as seeing him really stuck home that I was in England now. (And when I tell Americans this they always respond, "Don't you mean Morgan Freeman?" No, no I don't.)

I feel like the number should be a lot higher seeing as how I've been here 19 months now since London seems such a bastion for celebs. Gwyneth, Madonna, Gwen all live here now. Surely I can score higher!

I am counting on a BIG sighting! If anyone can do it you can....


I always have weekly sightings, but they are of a calibre of "remember, he used to babysit the Fruit and Veg stall on Eastenders about 8 years ago?" or "he writes a column in the Times every other week", or indeed, "she was the 2nd person to be evicted on Big Brother 2002".

Many years ago, I was walking through the mall and two girls came up to me and one asked if she could have her picture taken with me. They were really excited and clearly thought I was famous. I tried to explain to them that they were mistaken, but they wouldn't listen. So, I took my picture with the girl. I have always wondered who they thought I was.

So I had to Google Martin Freeman. He was the porn star in "Love Actually"?

Great -- Now I have to Google Martin Freeman . . .


Oh, you are doing great! I've been here 5 years and am crap at catching the celebs. Guy Ritchie in Hyde Park. William Shatner on the street. Brendan Frasier. One of the dudes from Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. "Linda Block" from Dream Team . Oh, and Will Young took my 'calling card' from a bar in Soho -- I wouldn't have recognised 1/2 of them if it hadn't been for my starry eyed friends!

You met Tim? Tim from The Office U.K.? I am covered in the jealous.


Martin Freeman is fabbo!

While on holiday in London I've seen Kate Moss on the brigde that loads you to Tate Modern (She was filming a commercial) and Debbie Harry walking down Old Compton Street... That was in 2002. But I've not seen any other celebrities on my holidays there since then...

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