Thursday, January 31, 2008 


Brilliant. The month I decided to start looking for a big, fancy, high-paying, pharmaceutical job in America is the exact same month America decides to kick off a recession. So anyone who was worried about this blog ending anytime soon can hold off their despair! I'll be here ages yet!

Friday, January 11, 2008 


Yes, I'm back!!! Had a nice two week holiday break in San Francisco. Before and after that trip I've been writing furiously for my thesis. Yes, my lab work is finally completed and I'm now in full PhD thesis writing mode. It's hell. Absolute, burning, rain-of-fire-from-above hell. To think that I'm going to be spending the next three months of my life like this is agonizing. It will also be roughly about my last three months in London. The time is fast approaching where I do have to leave and head back across the pond. I thought I would like to stay, as I do love it here more than I ever imagined it was possible. But a rather pressing matter has come up that makes my return to the States imminent:

I got engaged!!!

The love of my life happens to live in America, and so that's where I must be.... I know I will miss London dearly; it's the only place I've ever been in my whole life that I ache for when I'm away. But I wasn't meant to be here forever, and this time is coming to an end. I've got some other stuff to do coming up!

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