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Monday, September 25, 2006 


Disappeared to Prague for four amazing days. I fell in love with this city, it had such a gorgeous old world, post-communist feel about it. (My first time past what once was the Iron Curtain saw that capitalism/customer service were definitely not on the forefront of their attitudes.) Vegetarian food was surprisingly easy to come by as well, as long as I steered clear of traditional Czech fare. I was fascinated by the architecture most of all:

Týn Church at night

Looking into Hradčany from Staré Mesto across the Vltava

My favorite building!

Parliament in Wallenstein Palace

St John of Nepomuk on the St. Charles Bridge

Inside St. Vitus's Cathedral

Me checking out Prague from St. Vitus's Cathedral in Prague Castle

I remember when I went to Prague, relatively soon after the wall came down. We stayed in an apartment out of the centre (recommended by a US airman from Compuserve) which was fabulous for two to stay in for a weekend. Then you realised it was an apartment that would have previously housed a whole family. In the whole city, it was if they had read the books, seen the films and now they were doing it – somehow, nothing quite fitted. In the local “supermarket” (where you could buy four bread rolls for 1p) they were self service, with trolleys. Only there were no checkout counters. Instead the girl on the till would move stuff from one end of the trolley, to the other.

Your hair's all disheveled.

Prague is beautiful
Glad to hear you enjoyed it

Yes after climbing up some 250-odd stairs my hair wasn't the only part of me that was disheveled!

great pictures!

I'm in Prague for half a year and can't stop admire it! It's beautiful in any weather and any time of day!

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