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Thursday, August 31, 2006 


The other thing that me, and loads of other people that read this site, come here searching for is American-type breakfast foods. I found that Waitrose carried Aunt Jemima pancake mix with Sainsbury's, etc, even carrying maple syrup on their shelves. It's all well and good, but during a raging hangover, who wants to cook that noise? I'd like pancakes (not crêpes), waffles (not with ice cream, please for the love of God, not as a desert but as breakfast), French toast (eggy bread?) omelets, and hashbrowns (the kind from shredded fresh potatoes, not deep friend frozen triangles of reconstituted potato-like substance) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Dammit, now I'm hungry.

Any suggestions would be most helpful.

(I've given up on grits and biscuits, I really have. Some things are not meant to be.)

mcdonald's breakfast pancakes, maybe?

there are a few places you can get american foods here
one is Panzers in St. John's Wood - I'm going there this weekend to check out their 'American' food section - also there are a few mail order sites (which I have not used because they're so expensive) - links are on my blog
also there's a candy store between covent garden & leicester square that sells american candy & soda (or pop as I would call it) - it's called cyber candy - good for a good old american sugar fix:)

Damn you. I'll add a proper American breakfast (and I like grits and biscuits and gravy) to the growing list of foods that I have a hankerin' for. In addition to adequate Mexican food, Vietnamese, and barbecue.

What exactly are these biscuits that you have with gravy, are they like rich tea, or just a formof Cream Crackers, or summat totally different.

There is a train of thought that would be if you want american foods, you'll have to go to america.If you're in england, you'll have to make do with english food. having said that, its not stopped indian and chinese restaurants springing up everywhere.....

If this research chemist gig doesn't work out, maybe you can open a Bob Evans franchise over there. Obviously there's a need.

Funny enough, my husband just mentioned that he was craving a good old southern breakfast. I told him I would work on sourcing the ingredients to make buttermilk biscuits and gravy. And I'm going to have to add some fried up shredded hash browns... I miss those foods more than almost anything!

I feel bad for all your readers who can't get a decent breakfast. When I started reading your blog, it was at a point that I was thinking about moving out of the country, but the food is the main reason that I could never leave. I hate to leave my home town. Also, pancakes are pancakes, but the best french toast is at a 24 hour diner at the tip of downtown Chicago on Roosevelt called the White Palace Grille. If you like pancakes though, if you pour a thin coating of vegetable oil each time you pour some pancake batter, you get this great crusting effect at the edges of your pancakes. My grandma taught me that one.

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