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Friday, August 18, 2006 


Dear Fergie,

Hi, my name's Monica. I don't know very much about you, other than you are a singer/actress. I assume you can read and write, although I imagine you do very little of either since you are a star now, and probably have real important activities to do such as picking out outfits, memorizing song lyrics with dance moves, and holding on to that yummy boyfriend you have managed to snag.

So I get that research probably isn't a big passion of yours. (We can't all be PhD students after all!) However, if it were me releasing my first solo album, and I was shooting the cover of the very first single from that very first album, which is about a bridge as far as I can gather, and I was getting photographed in front of that bridge, I'd sure as hell make sure it was the right damn bridge.

I suppose one could argue that the song is, in fact, about London bridges, i.e. any number of bridges that one can find in London spanning the Thames. But I don't agree, because London Bridge is a proper noun, and you never heard one speak of "New York bridges," etc. So a big thanks from those of us across the pond for continuing the myth that the bridge behind you in the picture actually is London Bridge. As someone who used to live 100 yards from the real London Bridge, I got secret delight from the crestfallen looks on tourists faces when the actual bridge was pointed out to them. "Yes," I'd muse silently, "Americans really are that dumb."

Just a little heads up.

P.S. This song is awful.

Haha you'd think someone wouldve pointed it out at some point. Tho i suppose they didnt have the wisdom of a london cabbie, as random celebrities feel it necessary to be driven around in armoured cars.

I bet you couldve taken her to Liverpool and plonked her next to a bridge on the mersey and she wouldnt have known....

I think she wouldn't notice if you put her next to a bridge in Newcastle or even Scotland. Maybe they insulted a cabbie driver so he pointed out the wrong bridge. Cabbies and the knowledge are not to be messed with.

Well, now, this is a terrible dilemma for that lovely young lady. To be photoshopped in front of the real London Bridge, which might as well be the Milwaukee Causeway bridge for all the artistic appeal it has ... would mean nothing for her potential buying public, esp. in the U.S. And worse ... to call her album "Tower Bridge" would have Americans scratching their noggins even harder.

So what's a princess to do? P.S. is she a real princess? ... because she has that really nice crown.

Being generous one could argue that its a picyite of her looking upriver at London Bridge with Tpwer Bridge in the background.

At least it wasn't take beside Vauxhall bridge now that would have been terribly unfortunate.

I'd say that this is quite a non-travelling American faux pas, not one of a well-travelled pop princess.

Really...you think that her PR people would have caught this HUGE blunder before allowing it out to the masses. Ack!

I agree that the song is just as idiotic as the photo.

OK, there are too many famous people named Fergie in the UK. This needs to stop.

If I were making millions, I wouldn't care what people who are jealous thought.

ha ha
yes - leave it up to Fergie to confuse more Americans
not london bridge - TOWER bridge
oh well

Hello - from the other Mo in London
(too funny!)


Too many famous people in the uk called Fergie? You mean two?

Fergie the Royal
Fergie the DJ
Fergie the Bridge-Spotter
Fergie the abbreviation for Massey Ferguson tractors,

There's four.

I love how the letter starts "Hi, my name's Monica". What also annoys me though, is all these people running around with only one name, everyone knows that only Kylie can pull that one off.

Thank you Fergie for perpetuating the stereotype of "dumb american". As most of us americans know the kids today learn a lot more from pop culture than in history class (a recent study shows that we can name more of the 7 dwarfs than the 9 Supreme Court justices). She could have at least helped to educate the kids.

And how in the hell she has managed to keep Josh as her boyfriend I will never know.

Ok, well Fergie the bridge spotter is american, and Massey Ferguson tractors are well, TRACTORS, not people.

Still on two then.....

Oh boy, I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a major problem with this. It is rather irksome!

Perhaps she thought if she was to be photographed in front of the London Bridge she would have to go to Arizona and then she might pee in her pants again and then it is just a vicious cycle and she is really quite stupid, isn't she?

You forgot Fergie who manages Manchester United.

Yes I thought that was London Bridge since I was a kid. Blame Fisher Price! It's Tower Bridge I tell people.

As a American, I would've had no idea of course. But after doing a google search to see what the actual London Bridge looked like - I think the Tower Bridge is cooler.

But it looks as though the OLD london Bridge was pretty cool!

Nice flame of the pop star, by the way!

I'm of the opinion that this is probably a combo of the producers of this photo not knowing the difference, and everyone in the label just saying something like "Phht, American's don't know the difference! I mean, it's a bridge, and it's in London. What the heck more do you want?"

I think Madonna had a pretty good stab at the single name thing, and so did Pele but he didn' have much of a musical career.


Fergie - also a regular at my local pub

You used to live in Lake Havasu, Arizona??????
Your ex uncle

London Bridge isn't even in london, well the original anyway...

That Fergie sure has some nice lips, huh? I think crystal meth abuse sort of diminishes one's recognition of historical monuments. So given her well documented struggle with the pressures of fame, I'll give "The Lip" a pass on this one. You show me a Londoner who recognizes the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, Sister!!!!

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