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Tuesday, March 13, 2007 


People are starting to rag on me about how much I travel. Friends and family want to know how I afford it and don't I have "homework" I should be doing? British friends are starting to feel that I've upped them, having been to more places in a few years than they've ever been. I can't help it! I'm sorry! I'm only here a limited time, and since it's much cheaper than you think (really!) I feel I must partake. I know it's bad, in fact I'm starting lap Europe, going back to where I've been before. And it was even more gorgeous the second time:

Stained glass at St. Chappelle

Chopin's grave at Père Lachaise Cemetery

Basilica of the Sacré Cœur in Montmartre in outstanding weather

Arc de Triomphe at dusk


Eiffel Tower of course!

So sue me!

Never let anyone lay a condemnation at your feet for living your life to the fullest! Go everywhere, do eveything, and be everyone you can! Whoo hoo!

i sense a few more soon, so i think you're just setting up for an onslaught of travel stories.

I'm so jealous! The one other thing I really wanted to do in Paris was visit Sacré Cœur in Montmartre! It looks so beautiful! I did see it as we were driving back to the chunnel when we were leaving. I'm glad you had fun and I can't wait to hear all about it. Until it's cheap for me to travel too, I have to take all my trips vicariously through you!

Love ya!
~ Heather

You shouldn't be sorry at all! You're having a great time. As for the Brits, they shouldn't be spending every single holiday in Ibiza, Majorca or Kavos.

It's always a big joke that Americans don't travel outside of their own country, but the ones that do make it always seems to revel in the opportunity and take full advantage of the rest of the world - That can only be a good thing!

I've never been to Paris - I'm jealous. ;)

I quite like being able to go to Rome and back for (searches easyjet website)...£75.98!!! That's...(finds money convertor)$147.54!! Don't know if that's expensive or not. Then again it would cost me ALOT of money to go to New York, Las Vegas or California, while for some Americans it costs the price of a car journey.

Monica, I still out holiday you by a mile! Finally booked Bs As (going for 6 weeks) dont tell MBB. I hope you are keeping up with the cricket scandal and Oz is treating you well.

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