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Wednesday, December 27, 2006 


Merry Christmas! I hope everyone reading this is having a healthy and happy holidays, and have finally made it out of Heathrow. I know I only missed that disaster by a few hours....

I have only recently discovered this: The Littlest Hobo. This was introduced to me by a Brit, and I didn't quite believe his tales about how popular it was. So I asked around, and would ALWAYS get the following exchange:

Monica: So, have you ever heard of this show called The Littles Hobo?
Standard British Person: Yes!! God I loved that show!! How did you not know about it? Wasn't it American?
M: No, I've never heard of it before and have done some research, and actually it's Canadian and--
SBP: Maybe tomorrow/I'll want to settle down!

Yes, they break into song. So, ladies and gentlemen, if you'd ever like to see an Englishperson sing, just ask them about The Littlest Hobo. I will admit, it's a pretty catchy theme song.

And may I present for those who have never seen it before, Strange Thing #53. I still can't figure out exactly what it is, maybe a poor man's Lassie?

To get an insight into the staple diet of our tv you need to check through tv cream.


"EXISTENTIAL DOGATHON with crimestopping sidelines was actually a remake of an early sixties Canadian show. Basically Lassie without the whimpering, and with a farewell scene at the end of each episode, as the hapless mutt buggered off somewhere else for next week."


Sorry not to conform to national stereotypes but I never heard of the damned thing, and to judge from the extract you posted I don't want to either...sorry!

Sorry not to conform to national stereotypes but I never heard of the damned thing, and to judge from the extract you posted I don't want to either...sorry!

Never heard of it!

Great theme tune though.

I only remember the theme tune, I don't think I actually watched it that much. I think the theme tune was perhaps the best part, and that is what people love about it?

Absolutely, Curly, I think that's why they all start singing rather than reminiscing about the plot or something.

It's a great tune, I can't get it out of my head!

When I make it big, it's going to be the last track on the covers album I do to fufill the final obligation of my 5 album deal (I fall out with my record label as they fail to get enthusiastic about my burgeoning interest in traditional east African music, which is having an increasing influence on my output).

Everyone else has these things already worked out, right?

I am a Canadian in the UK and I loved this show as a kid (l'emission est canadienne, c'est juste)!

Mike Myers was in it, once too. He was in kiddies TV in the UK, too. I guess this is before he discovered comedy.

Happy New Year!


I have actually heard of this show. I think it was Canadian. I don't know what's better about that clip: the dog carrying a rifle, or the fact tha Alan Hale (Skipper off "Gilligan's Island") guest starred.

Ah, yes, maybe that's why they think it's American: all the firearms.

Sounds a lot like "Run, Joe Run", a show I remember as a kid



What the hell!? That was the gayest clip and song I've ever seen

The sample episode mentioned "Alan Hale" as a guest star -- The only actor Alan Hale I know played The Skipper in Gilligan's Island and died in 1990. So, how old IS this show -- (which looks suspiciously like "The Adventures of Lassie" to me . . .)


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