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Monday, November 20, 2006 


Thank God some one's written it all down for me, saving me to make such a list myself:

I spotted this, and milled the purchase over for a few minutes. And in those few minutes I became inconsolably depressed.... I will, at some point, have to leave London. And in fact that will probably be about a year from now.

So that's it. I have one remaining year in London. It makes me sad just to write that. I'd like to stay, but various reasons such as career opportunity, visa issues, salary potential, debt crisis, and of course missing some people terribly that I just can't seem to shake all ads up to the fact that I have to leave.

This realization throws in to sharp relief all that I HAVEN'T done here. Word of advice: don't try to do a foreign adventure AND a PhD. I've spent the majority of my time here in a lab or a book. So it's time to sort myself out and see as much as I possibly can. A year is a pretty long time after all.

Unfortunately I've only accomplished nine of these 101 items. Granted it's a pretty pretentious list; some things on there clearly no one has done in their right mind. I won't be going night fishing in Clapham Common (#6), gay bowling at the Trocadero (#36), eating offal (#93) or steak (#101), but I will see what I can pull off.

Which number is pulling things off and where? Whichever one it is, if it means skinny dipping in the women's bathing ponds on Hampstead Heath I'd advise skipping it till next summer. :D

The ones that jump out at me that I'm yet to do are the speed boat down the Thames, watching a grizzly trial at the Old Bailey, and an evening at Ronnie Scotts.

Reclaim the beach is one I'd most definitely avoid.

Didn't do too badly on this list on Saturday alone (at least got to check out no.43's facilities): I even did 99 on my way home!

I've done no.6, but I was plastered and found it an amsusing thing to do, rather than an objective. I was rubbish at it and didn't catch anything. gutted. (not a pun). x

oh please, you've traveled all over the place thanks to being in london. and who wants to go gay bowling anyway? i change my mind, i do.

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