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Sunday, November 12, 2006 


One of the best things of living abroad, or anywhere far from home actually, is unexpected care packages! I just got this bounty from my mum, with biscuits and Kraft mac and cheese for all:

(Not really "for all"... my flatmate sniffed, "wow, that's an interesting shade of orange, innit?")

Things are going a bit rough these days for the future Dr. Monica. My funding has dried up, my project is hitting snags, my writing feels wretched, my headaches are more frequent, and darkness closes in, both literally and figuratively. A whole weekend of American snacks definitely made me feel much better. Thanks mum!

No...It's a beautiful tummy rumbling, tongue tingling shade of orange, and we love it.

Feel better...

I am so so so so jealous. And even though I am leagues less intelligent than you, I feel your pain.

Lucky duck! I too just recently obtained some of the "orange stuff" from Partridges and ate a whole box last night. Yummmmm.

Sorry it's getting you down. You've made my day though. Since arriving in the US a year ago, I've been wondering how I can introduce my friends in the UK to Southern biscuits. And Bisquick is the answer!

Comfort food for my baby ... you're welcome, sweetie!

AHHHHH....you ARE lucky! For me, I crave the care packages with cans of Wolf Brand chili from Texas AND Community New Orleans Blend coffee from Louisiana...OH and Stovetop Stuffing, too (although I can sometimes find that here in Oxford).

Do your best to enjoy Thanksgiving in London -- we will, our here in Oxfordshire!


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