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Wednesday, November 01, 2006 


A few weeks ago, a reader asked me why I never get my fat lazy ass go to East London (I'm paraphrasing of course!) and I realized that is a good question, so last Sunday I tubed it over to Old Street to check out the Columbia Road Flower Market. I thought this would be a momentous and overwhelming display of flowers, but turned out to only be about one block. Still nice though:

So after about ten minutes I realized I was stuck with a whole morning on my hands and nothing to do, in a whole different part of town (having never seen Old Street in the light of day) and so I started walking. At first I was just checking out that area, it's definitely more scruffy and funky, which I really like. Neat stuff on walls and all that...

... And way more ethnic, which in my book is a good thing....

...But still wasn't enough and I kept walking...

... And I thought, "well I've never seen that up close," so off I went....

"The gherkin really is one of the coolest modern buildings ever. I should do more London architecture posts, because I think I-- what the hell?"

"Hundreds of people standing around in the pouring rain? Huge TV screens? Red carpet?" I couldn't figure it out at the time, but turns out it was the opening of a new scientology centre in London.

One of them tried to hand me some literature as I pushed through the crowd. "Oh hells no, I'm out of here!!" And I scampered the rest of the way home. Not what was I was planning for the day, but I think it ended up being about four miles. Don't know how much of it was East London, but a good start, no?

If they really "were bursting at the seams before and... had room for only 50 worshippers at Tottenham Court Road", why did those Nobbers try and drag me in when I used to walk past on my lunch break everyday?

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