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Wednesday, September 13, 2006 

Relocation Relocation

Once again I have moved. Still in the same dormitory but in a different room. The views are decidedly better:

A little hint of OXO Tower is better than nothing.

The only thing more depressing than the fact that I have now moved FIVE times in two years is the rest of my view from this room.

Yes, that is where I work. I now spend nearly every waking moment either in that building or looking at it. I suppose I could shut the curtains but I am keen on getting as much light as I can so they stay open. The building glares down at me, reminding me of a PhD that I already spend at least 12 hours a day contemplating anyway. I have the feeling this is going to wear on my soul.

I'm also ground level on quite a busy street that leads into the roundabout where the IMAX lives. It's incredibly noisy but I prefer it to a dull and quiet (and tree-less) courtyard; at least now I FEEL like I live in a city of 7 or so million. But when a double decker goes by I feel a little too close to the rest of the London public as those on the top are level with my room and look at me in a bemused sort of way.

Not sure if it's exactly onwards and upwards, but it is slightly larger and relatively cheap so I'll complain no more.

P.S. I've finally installed a Google search engine on my blog, so go ahead and knock yourselves out.

Well, it doesn't work very well ... I googled you and found a lot of other people with your name but not you. At least not on the first 2 pages.

That's because I installed it for searching withIN my blog, not FOR it, since you are already here. Would be a little silly to look for an American in London at an American in London.

No, I meant I searched on your real name ... Monica "Jones". You are a physician, a dancer, a student and a husky musher.

Ah, that picture reminds me of the few months I spent in that very building... now over a year ago!

Good luck with the new apartment!

I'm not sure that it's a great idea to publish pictures from which people can identify your bedroom window when it's at ground level.

Indeed let's hope there are no readers ith stalker tendencies. you know what they say about em bloggers?

It's not at ground level in the tradtional sense. Quite impossible for you to get to me,"Anonymous."

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