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Saturday, November 25, 2006 


A dramatic retelling of events last weekend past:

Act I:
Our heroes, Monica and Huw, are exhausted from walking from Archway to Highgate to Hamspstead and are in desperate need of a sit down and gin. They walk into a local pub.

Monica: Wow, this pub is super nice!
Huw: Uh, yea, I guess so.
M: No, there's something about it, what it is? It's different here.
H: Sure... drinks?

Act II:
One hour and several drinks later. Huw returns from the bathroom.

Monica: Yes, it's something about the furniture I think. The walls are white, it's so clean in here, the furniture is so classy. I've never seen a pub like this.
Huw: You know what else is strange, in the loo, there is the nicest arrangement of flowers. Like fresh cut flowers.
M: Huh.

Act III:
Another hour later and still even more drinks on.

Huw: There are a lot of guys in here now.
Monica: Yes, and one of them over there is reading a magazine with some page inside that had the title, "Gay gay gay!"
H: Interesting.
M: Dude, is this a gay pub?
H: Hmmmm...
M: I've never heard in my life of a gay pub. Gay bars, yes.
H: I don't know, I don't think I've ever heard of one either.
M: Oh, man, that other guy is reading a magazine entitled, "Boyz"!
H: This explains some uncomfortably long eye contact I had with a guy earlier.
M: *starts laughing*
H: I can't believe I didn't notice. Look, this flyer on our table is advertising cabaret night!
M: Oh shit!
H: This also explains that chalkboard behind you as well.

M: Ohmigod that is the gayest Santa I've ever seen!!!
H: Look, now that group of old men have been passed that copy of "Boyz" and are reading it!
M: No bowl full of jelly on that one!
H: We are out of here.
M: This is hilarious!!
H: I bet there is a giant rainbow flag outside...

Monica and Huw stumble outside and look up at, indeed, a rainbow.

M: *laughing*
H: That's it, I need more drinks. To Camden!!

The End.

The point is that I didn't know Hampstead was some sort of gay mecca, the Dupont Circle of London if you will; Huw clearly did, so I blame him.

If you'd like to see more of our shenanigans, you are more than welcome to our
London Blogger Meet Up
this Saturday, at an aptly named pub called The Cock (yes, Huw chose that one too), 8 PM, Great Portland St, and see you there!

All in all, I didn't come out, er, I mean, get portrayed as badly as I thought I might in that retelling.

My eyes are inescapably still drawn to Santa's nipples though.

Our old Stockwell local was a gay pub. The one time I went there - for my gay housemate's birthday, you understand - we all got invited to a massive orgy. So consider yourselves lucky.

I don't feel lucky, in fact I think I'm kind of depressed that no one considered me and Huw orgy material.

Speak for yourself, sister. I was attracting plenty of admiring glances.

You guys sound fun! I'd totally crash your London Blogger Meeting but alas, I'm here in California. I'll probably be in London next August - will you take me to gay pubs with you then? It must be nice going out for drinks and not worrying about sleazy guys hitting on you!


If the gay Stockwell pub is the one I think it is, you had more luck there than I ever did. Then again O only visited in twice.

If Huw suggests a walk round Vauxhall , then you will have your pick of gay bars.

Not that there's anything wrong with all this.

The Cock is a blast, you are going to the on at Ghetto in Soho right? Have you tried Shadow Lounge? It's Studio 54 in there all the way baby! Oh and G-A-Y Late is a blast as well!

if you are ever in that area again, check out a pub called The Flask. it's not a gay pub, but it's the best pub in the world. i can say this cause i'm from nyc.

Hey Monica, I don't know you, but I am looking forward to meeting you on ... Saturday!!! Hehe ... how would you rate your beer-drinking skills?

God, everywhere in London is akin to Dupont Circle. It's the gayest place on earth.

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