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Thursday, November 30, 2006 


This has got to be the worst pick-up line I've ever heard (in England or any place else):

Monica: *comes up to the bar to place her order*: Hi, two Kronenbourgs please.
Swarthy guy next to Monica: Are you French?

I can't decide who dislikes the French more, the English or the Americans. I also can't decide whom the French detest more: the English or the Americans. Either way, this line can't ever be one that ended in a successful fashion. My response was kind of to snort, "no" and move over two steps. Ugh.

What are you talking about? The French seem to adore YOU!!!! Now it's up to you if you want to consider that American or English. ;o)

Love ya!
~ Heather

Maybe it was the funny accent? Or that you were drinking French beer? Or perhaps you were a bit pongy? I've been told the French can sometimes pong a bit (no offence, French An American in London readers).

hmm..just stopping by. im an american (from Fairfax, VA) living in London myself. how are you enjoying your time here so far?

im sure it was would be infinitely easier to just rummage through your old blog posts to find out, but im just sooo lazy.

how are things going?

what the hell is heather talking about!? nevermind, i'd rather not know. now i hate the french for some reason.

British hate French more, goes back to Battle of Waterloo, Wellington vs Napoleon, also the French helped fund the American revolution, I don't France would spare a single eurocent for UK. Also they beat us at football once.

haha :)

and I thought "the french" hate "us germans" - loooool

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