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Saturday, May 12, 2007 


#56: The Eurovision Song Contest.

This is not British, and that's why I've not mentioned it before. But people seem to have been talking about it a lot lately, I have no idea why.

I'm watching it now and it's quite safe to say I just don't get it. It's just extremely cheesy songs, with "musicians" playing their air instruments behind the singers, cut with bizarre mini-movies and banal commentary by Terry Wogan. And most of them sing in English as well, which is disappointing. I thought after I saw last year's winners that it would all be totally nuts, just the most whacked out show ever. But it's boring and lame and ridiculous. I have no idea why 500 million people watch it every year. Those wacky Europeans, I tell ya.

Oh dear oh dear. You've been here how long and you can't recognise something which qualifies under the 'So Bad it's Good' law?

Other phenomena which have qualified in the past:

1. Steps
2. The careers of Leo Sayer & Keith Chegwin
3. Blankety Blank (in fact any 'light entertainment' from the 1980s)
4. The 1980s
5. Baywatch
6. The England Cricket Team (1994-2002).
7. The film 'Escape to Victory'

Personally, I love it - I think Wogan's commentary gets better every year, as the acts get worse.

We even had a Eurovsion party in our house this year, with score-cards, a bunch of keys (for key-changes...) and plenty of alcohol to fuel the event.

"So bad, it's good" covers it nicely.

It's a gay thing Monica.


I don't have the slightest idea what you are posting about, BUT...you are smart, pretty and tall. xoxoxox

Since when have Steps been so bad, it's good? Steps were just bad.

I'm with you on that one...I absolutely do NOT get it...


It's just fun to laugh at the way the rest of Europe takes it so seriously, I love how Terry Wogan becomes more sarcastic as the night goes on. Last year there were lyrics like "WE ARE THE WINNERS, OF EUROVISION, VOTE FOR FOR US, VOTE FOR US, VOTE FOR US, VOTE FOR US!".

Britain (the home of the Beatles) has only won once! Just shows that the Eurovision contest isn't based on the rest of the Europe having good taste. Also based on favouritism e.g. Greece always votes for Cyprus and vice versa, the Balkan countries vote for each other etc. No one votes for UK because of the war in Iraq.

I advise next time that you just sit back, laugh at the crazy outfits and try to guess which crazy group will win next.

Not entirely true that Britain has only ever won the Eurovision once - as way before I won i hink Sandy Shaw won it, then there was Bucks Fizz and I also remember that american singer Katrina from katrina & The Waves winning for us with some song or other... still, until many years in the future (thanks to political voting) we'll not win... may as well pull out of it altogether and see how much the rest of Europe regrets their voting as I think France, UK and Germany actually pay for most of it between them.

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