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Wednesday, May 30, 2007 


The weekend before last (you know, back when it felt like summer was on its way, instead of the depressing mess we have now) I went down to Tower Bridge to see it do what lots of Londoners have never seen: go up!

The whole point was to see this, the Gotheborg. Pretty neat. It was tugged in, a band played, it fired some cannons, the HMS Belfast answered back, and it was a pretty nifty experience. It's nice to see something like that in action, especially since I'm still in mourning for the Cutty Sark.

As for me personally, I am doing ok, the PhD is plodding along. I am supposed to be finishing up my lab work at this stage, and often it still feels like I've got a long way to go. And the thought of that drives me mad. A lot of days I just want to quit and go home, but I know I'd never be able to forgive myself for that. I'm starting to feel like I'm trapped in my own hellish Pianosa, where you can't finish a PhD until you've been driven insane, and if you're insane you can't finish.

Keep on keepin' on with the PhD; the last steps always seem so long!

I have enjoyed checking into your life in London via this blog since your decision to move from VA to UK. I was a DC-ite for 10 years (Cleveland Park) before coming to Atlanta. Thanks for all of the fun and insight--and these pix of Tower Bridge going up!

Thanks for the great pictures of the bridge and ship, something I would never see in person. The Cutty Sark fire was on our news in Illinois. So sad. I hope that some of the pieces that were not on site can be displayed if the ship cannot be rebuilt.


Y'arr! Some of my best friends are pirates, and recently they held a wedding on one of the tall ships in Baltimore Harbour. Is there anything sexier than pirates? I think not...

well, maybe vampires...

or vampire pirates...

or brainy chicks... ;)

Did anyone try and jump a car (or, ideally, a routemaster) over the bridge when it was around the first picture stage? I like to imagine that always happens whenever it opens.

if you quit now, we have an opening here in the cafeteria line...someone to dish out mashed potatoes and biscuits. phd vs potatoe dispenser...you decide.

speaking of pirates, have you seen the new movie? its actually better than the second, but it's also realllllllly long.

Speaking of pirates, have you seen the new movie? I'm not sure if it's out in the UK yet, but it's better than the 2nd, except that it was so long my butt hurt.

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