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Sunday, July 22, 2007 


It's so lovely to get out of London. This time I managed to get all the way to Bath (if you don't count Scotland, this is the farthest in the UK I've gotten yet). It was absolutely gorgeous. Even managed to spend a few hours in that super fancy new Spa (wasn't the biggest fan, there's a lot that's not right about the place, but the rooftop pool is money). Bath was very quiet though, I guess it's not quite hopping when the University is out. But the architecture was gorgeous, the shops were quite cute, and the river was wonderful. Even though the rain tried its best to ruin the day.

Bath Abbey

River Avon

Roman Baths

Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey

They knew you were coming!

You have a remarkable eye for photographic composition, or maybe that's just the few glasses of wine I had at lunch talking.

Here's to living and travelling viariously through the web!

So who was that swimming furiously down the River Avon?

Did you find the Royal Crescent? That's a fairly impressive big of architecture not to be missed.

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