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Wednesday, July 18, 2007 


I am still reeling from the most massive London celebrity sighting I've ever had! Walking along Shaftesbury Ave two weeks ago, and noticed this phat Lexus SUV pulling between traffic like it owned the joint. It stopped at a red light and while I walked by I glanced inside and sure enough, in the passanger seat talking on a car phone (they still make those?) was Sir Paul McCartney!!! And I honestly couldn't believe it was him, so after I crossed the intersection I stood on the curb and just stared at him. Eventually he noticed us staring and waved! Bingo!

I think I'm finally starting to add some serious meat to my celeb spotting list, because I've got a few now who are world famous, not just England-famous. I mean, this guy was in probably the greatest band of all time.... So just try and beat that.

My list, updated:

1. Martin Freeman
2. Goldie Hawn
3. Kurt Russell
4. Ivana Trump
5. Charlotte Church
6. Carmen Electra
7. The Darkness
8. Graham Norton
9. Paul McCartney

Man, if I'd been there I would have thrown up on the Macca. I am so not a Beatles fan.

Total opposite reaction when I stood behind Ewan McGregor in my local Starbucks though - I intended to jump on him (or just smell him a little), but then I got shy.

Wow, that is a good one. I get excited when I just see him dressed in a lobster suit on those LoveFilm adverts.

I saw a woman who looked quite a lot like Sir Alan Sugar once.

He makes a very sexy lobster.

I bet somewhere on Sir Paul's blog, he is saying how he finally managed to catch a glimpse of Monica! xoxoxo I'm so jealous of him!

Now think that's VERY cool, too! As a youngster, I always dreamed of marrying him someday, but now I know he's too arrogant for my taste -- but I still love him anyway!

I'm not sure I've actually seen a celeb in London. But when my husband used to live in Elstree/Borehamwood, before we got married, I used to see a lot of the EastEnders' actors/actresses when I'd go there. It's always fun to see a celeb in "normal" circumstances.

During my 7 years in Manhattan, I had a lot of great sightings. My favorite, during one of my final weeks living there, was Yoko Ono, who was having lunch in the same restaurant where I'd taken a business colleague from Houston. He still talks about that lunch, too!


wow, not bad!

i think i say darlene's boyfriend from rosanne. yeah, guess that's not even worth mentioning.

I walked past McCartney going for a stroll with Heather in Regent's Park a few years back. Unfortunately I was desperate for a piss, so I couldn't stop to talk to him. D'oh!

Wow I'm so jealous. I must live in the wrong part of london (N1 Angel Islington) because I NEVER see any celebs on the street! TechnicallY i see celebrities all the time due to my work as a journalist. But I mean on the streets. I've never seen celebs out in the wild except for one: David Albarn of Blur. Minor at that.

I saw Simon from the Apprentice last night in the Sloaney at Parsons Green. Wow wee wah.

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