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Thursday, June 28, 2007 


Wow, I guess we have a new Prime Minster. Just like that. Hardly seemed like anything happened, no ceremonies for the public, etc. I think there's something with the Queen, Blair tells her he's out, Gordon tells her he's "forming a new government" and I suppose she green lights this. But no parades, fireworks, swearing-ins, or anything that generates a big fuss. Is this the norm? Did I miss something? Or is this because he wasn't elected? So weird to live in a democracy with a leader we didn't elect. I guess this would be like if the President died and the VP had to take his place, i.e., Truman or Johnson. I'm not sure how long Gordon can just continue being PM without any vote; seems to me like he can ask for an election whenever he pleases. So weird. Still, I'd take this over the now two year election process in America. Seriously, it's been going on since last year and the vote's not until November 2008. I'm sick to death of it and I don't even live there!

I can't believe that since moving here I've lived through a new PM and a royal wedding and both events were amazingly boring. What a shame. I know it can't all be Princess Di and New Labour ... but still.

But you'll be back in time to vote for the next Prez!

- Mum

Or when Ford took over after Nixon resigned.

But it's a little less odd because people here aren't electing a man, they're electing a party. They don't vote for the prime minister, as we vote for the president.

Yeah, he's not officially in charge of the people, just his particular party.

No-one controls me, man.

The fact that he isn't elected by a popular vote is what makes Gordon Brown a Prime Minister and not a President. He would be expected to be PM until either he dies, resigns, is turfed out of leadership by his own party or the date that a General Election comes by default after 5 years or if he goes to the Queen and asks her to dissolve Parliament. She's not obliged to do this if the period since the last one is less than 5 years, but it would be an extraordinary event for her not to do so. It would likewise be an extraordinary event for her not to invite the leader of the largest party in Parliament to be PM. In an utterly extraordinary event he could be sacked by the Queen, but and these latter cases would create a constitutional crisis. In this case 'constitutional crisis' is a misnomer in so much as there is no such thing in the UK as a constitution, which is why this would create a crisis.

He's actually knows what he's doing, its because of him our economy is doing so well, we just it for granted that our economy is this healthy, the tories messed up our economy, he was the one who fixed it. Cameron is just a performer, no experience at being a proper politician (i.e. creating good policies) He just panders to the public and never makes any decisions. I would rather have Brown than Cameron any day.

Totally agree on the PM and the royal wedding. I was expecting much more fanfare and found both to be quite...muted.

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