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Wednesday, August 08, 2007 


Today someone showed up to work wearing a Washington Redskins shirt. Totally random, and made me very homesick. Didn't stop me from singing the fight song however, which I learned in elementary school choir of course.

Ooh, I've been busy busy busy. I am all set to be done with my lab work in a month or two! Looking for a job, because in even less time, one month, I have to move out of the dorms and into some proper accommodation. Yes, this 30 year old is finally getting her own place. (And by "own place" I mean flatshare!) Not cheap, and so to afford this extravagant new lifestyle I will be needing some sort of income. This is harder than it sounds; I've applied to over 30 jobs, gotten 2 responses, and only one interview. It's a nightmare. But no matter what I am looking forward to moving outside the King's College bubble and experiencing London on a more real level.

Wonderful how these thigns work. I find my "Great Britain" radar more finely tuned since Alex moved there, and since I stumbled on your blog...and your "Washington DC metro area" radar is picking up all sorts of things.

Such a tiny marble we live on.

"Real" is good. Mum and I lived in a couple of places that were a tad TOO "real" if you catch my drift. But we eventually made a decent home for our family and our life skills were nowhere as extensive as yours!

Life in Salishan is a bit like being in a blissful bubble -- an environment almost too good to be real. But, after decades of beating our heads against various walls, trying to make things work, we'll enjoy a bit of a wallow in the good life.


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