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Thursday, October 18, 2007 


Look, I've already resigned myself to a hellish fate for writing this down publicly, but the next time I read or hear something about Madeleine McCann I'm going to have a total mental fit. I seriously can not take it anymore. Part of the problem is that ever since my move last month I am now a commuter who takes public transport. This means I am privilege to two, yes two, free papers every single day. I get the Metro in the mornings and the London Paper in the evenings (sorry but London Lite is just shit, so I refuse to pick it up.) Couple these with the fact that I am already a news junkie, and keep a personalized Google News profile as my homepage, and I am completely saturated with incoming information. Usually this keeps me quite happy, I enjoy knowing as much about the world as I can possibly absorb. But out of all the stories in all the world, this one does my head in. To me it's all very simple: either 1) her parents killed her; or 2) her parents left her alone to be kidnapped and then put on such a show to find her that they probably freaked out the kidnapper into killing her as a way to avoid being caught with her. In both scenarios she's dead, and not one more story that comes after this will be anything pleasant to read. Either she'll never be found (heart breaking) or her body will turn up one day (horrible). So why is anyone still interested in this? If just a smidgen of the effort that's gone into finding this one little girl had been applied into searching for the other 77,000 children who go missing in the UK every year, there might actually be some happy stories to report. So frustrating.


I feel really sad and sorry for all the other children, British or not, who go missing and don't receive all the attention Maddy is having, dead or alive.

You make a good point. Although I must say this big story facinates the hell out of me for some reason.

- Wiggles

I think the twins did it. They ate her.

The new Renault McCann.... Room for three kids two in the back and one in the boot....

.... I'll get my coat. :D

I completely agree with you. It's always the pretty, rich white kids that get all the attention. Everyone else is screwed.

I hope the parents get locked up in any case. Even if they didn't kill her directly they still were stupid enough to leave a 3 year old alone, unattended. It's negligent homicide. Lock the idiots up.

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