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Wednesday, November 21, 2007 

Hungerford Bridge

Is actually an incredibly lovely bridge, spanning the Thames, inland from Waterloo. The views are pretty spectacular, and it's a train only bridge, meaning no ducking and weaving amongst cars and buses.

It also leads to an interesting short cut through Charing Cross station so you can avoid all the tourist pedestrian traffic on the Stand, which I suspect is one of those secret things only Londoners know.

But one of the best things about it I've recently discovered is that there is a Quizno's underneath the bridge on the northern side of the river, a lunch spot from the states that I've sorely missed. It's dreadfully expensive and I'm actually thankful for that, or else I'd spend nearly every nice day noshing my fresh sandwich standing in the sun on Hungerford Bridge, soaking up the view.

How I don't miss the Hungerford Bridge of old. When I was a tyke, crossing it would be the first part of a visit to London, and an unfriendlier welcome to a city you couldn't imagine. Twas extremely narrow, and covered in piss and the homeless, both of which were impossible to avoid treading in.

Nice use of the word 'noshing' there.

Advantages: Safe, beautiful walkways, Glorious views, Puts a smile on my face.
Disadvantages: Not yet completed so work is continuing.
Even rich people prefer to leave their huge Limousine London vehicles and walk through the Hungerford footbridges which give London a genuinely useful and attractive new river crossing, and a fitting landmark for the new millennium.
London is a great place to be at Christmas and I would encourage all Londoners to get out and enjoy their capital this festive season. I wish everyone a very merry Christmas.

There is also a Quizno's on Oxford street, just below Tottenham Court Road. It's in the direction you would be walking if you were going toward all the major shopping. I believe it is on your left.

A helpful hint from one American traveler to another.

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