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Monday, November 12, 2007 

Regent's Park

Just some more lovely fall photos from Regent's Park. This park and Hyde Park are the two closest to my new flat, and I do love that, even though sometimes I find them too large to manage and end up getting lost walking around. In SE1 there were no large royal parks that I could walk to in a few minutes, so I didn't spend much time in parks until now. Before this, I would spend warm afternoons dozing in the Bernie Spain Gardens, which are cute but don't have quite the same effect. Regent's is so big it contains the London Zoo!

London's really good 'n' autumnal at the moment isn't it? I'm loving it.

I love this park, it is close to where I live. I took this panorama of the Rose Gardens there in the spring, when all the roses are out. It is just one of many found on this map of London panoramas. I love this city.

Remember to visit Richmond Park. It's the largest of all the Royal Parks in London and is very near numerous gold clubs, many other smaller parks and the Royal Botanical (Kew) Gardens (which is particularly lovely during the summer). If you had have visited Kew Gardens during October, you could've done some pumpkin picking and carving for the Harvest Festival! At Richmond Park, you're able to spot wildlife, such as deers, rabbits and even parakeets. It's also near the high street and the river bank - good for shopping (expect extremely high prices) and quite relaxing to walk down the river bank and visit the floating boat restaurant, especially on a warm, sunny day.

I have been to Richmond Park, and yes it's absolutely gorgeous. Feels miles away from London!

Visit Gunnersbury Park - it's not a Royal Park, but it's still great and includes Gunnersbury Park Museum and the annual London Mela!

Regent's Park also has an open air theatre and a college in it. I always wanted to be able to live in the flats around the outside - the cream buildings with columns outside the doors.

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