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Saturday, August 21, 2004 

Images in my Brain

I've been surfing the web for other London-based blogs and found a bunch of great ones, but this one is the most gorgeous thing ever. These pictures are amazing. These images of London are the ones in my imagination. Because you just never know. I'm sure it's a big dirty city, and when you factor in the rain and the cold and latitudinal position making it dark early it could very well be pretty awful. I don't know yet. But this website feeds my fantasies that there really is some truly beautiful moments in London.

Thanks Monica! I really should get around around to posting more pictures on SE1, I never seem to find the time at the moment...

Being such a large city, London has very beautiful vistas and many slums too. For every eyesore, there's often another nice vista around the corner.

Much of the centre of the city is really lovely. The walk east from Blackfriar's Bridge to Tower Bridge is my personal favourite, and most of the pictures from SE1 come from that walk (it also happens to be my walk home from work!)


If you think those pictures are nice, you should see my pics from my trip to Harrisburg.


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