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Monday, August 16, 2004 


Most people who know me know I am in a nasty situation at work. We had a huge wave of management leave, and upper management brought in friends rather than competent people to replace them, so now this place is a show. The worst part is that I have four bosses and none of them let me do my job. They tell me exactly what they want done, and then I have to go down to the lab and do it. My opinions or ideas are not welcome. Good thing I have a masters degree, huh?

I got a new project a few weeks ago, and another manager to go with it. But this guy is cooler, and I've worked with him before. The first thing we tried had some problems, so I suggested two ideas to fix the problems and he basically said, yeah go for it. I did and they worked! My tablets are perfect! Everyone was running around Friday like, Holy ballsack did you see the new release profiles!?!? So now I feel that I can close this chapter of my life, here at S Inc. I've worked here nearly five years, and it turns out that if you leave me be and let me do my job I can do it. So now I can happily move on and go tackle the next stage of my life, i.e. a full time graduate PhD level project.

Today's quote seems appropriate somehow, even though I am in excellent spirits and can not wait to get on the plane and go already:

"Nobody is healthy in London, nobody can be."
-- Jane Austen

Here's an idea...why don't you stop all the complaining.

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