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Sunday, August 15, 2004 

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No, it's not spam, it's my life. I haven't been good at updating what's been going on with the move lately (denial? laziness? you decide!!)
1. I received a most unpleasant email from a friend of a friend, an American in a postgrad programme at King's, named H. He essentially told me not to come, saying the country sucked, the city sucked, the school sucked, the money situation sucked, the anti-Americanism sucked and it discouraged me to no end. That got me really depressed.
2. The housing situation of missing the communication attempts and then not getting the dorm that I asked for.
3. Not hearing from the school, and all this seeming to confirm what H told me.
4. Then I worked out all the madness, got my head on straight, remembered that I have the resolve to take on anything that's thrown at me, and I bought my plane ticket! I depart late September 19th!!
This has been going on, what? Two weeks? And within that first week I lost five pounds! I've been trying to lose five pounds for two years now. Since the height of my obesity (dating Akash who liked to eat out every night, popped up to 132lbs. Lost five or so pounds since we split two years ago, and wanted to get to 120lbs, but it eluded me.) And in the second week I've kept it off. So bizarre. I thought I'd lose it when I got to London, walking at least two miles a day and eating on a students budget (i.e. not eating) but no, seems I've a head start.

So ladies! Looking to lose those last few stubborn pounds? Forget Atkins, screw South Beach! Quit your well paying job, leave your loved ones behind, move to a country where they'll hate you for where your from and you'll be forced to live in poverty, and see if that doesn't do the trick!!

Monica I'm worried that you're worried. You will be OK. Don't take any notice of H. Just remember the UK is different, with its own unique style of humour,and an inbuilt character trait of constant moaning. We don't like anything that's not British. We complain about everthing. The food, the visitor and of course the weather. Take no notice! Take everything with a 'pinch of salt'. We do not mean what we say. Above all, be prepared to laugh at yourself and your country. Don't take yourself or the Brit too seriously. Be aware that the Brit likes to prod and push and test you just to see how far they can go. H sounds like he has had a humour bypass and just doesn't 'get it'. Ignore him.
Another thing, stereotyping seems to be a particular problem/sport with the British especially those (most of the country) who have never even met someone from your part of the world. We think you all live in Hollywood, Los Angeles or California (are they the same thing?). Also and for some unknown reason the UK'S WWII view of Americans seems have survived the hostilities and 'over-paid, over-sexed, and over here' remains prevelent, however, IT IS TO BE TAKEN IN JEST. I hope you have a lovely time when you come over, just remember that UK citizens have an overdeveloped sense of irony, are mainly kind and will want to know all about you. Follow these instructions and you will be all right. Keep smiling (or not). Best wishes.

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