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Thursday, August 05, 2004 

Still no word

I called the KCL AO this morning and they said they would send the email again, with the title FINAL OFFER all scary like, and it would expire Monday so to let them know if I don't receive it. They said they would send it again today, and I should call tomorrow if I still hadn't received it. I still haven't received it, and now it is 11:40 my time, making it 17:40 there time, so they've probably left for the day. I wonder what the problem is. I confirmed my address with her, and it sounds like they sent it there earlier, so.... I don't know. It all seems absurd. What happened to snail mail? Wouldn't that be easier? *sigh* I'd like to get all this red tape out of the way and get everything settled so I can concentrate fully on studying. I'd also like to get everything settled before Shire fires me for making all these international phone calls for free.

What about bagels? There are bagels in London right??

No bagels, just krimpets.


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