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Wednesday, August 04, 2004 

I have a crush on Simon Schama

Well no not really of course. He's just the narrator, author, and producer of this awesome History Channel/BBC documentary of the history of England that I rented from Netflix. It is five discs long, and today I got all the way through Henry II and Thomas Beckett and some of King John. All the way from the Druids in three days time! Not a bad time travel. I spent the day working on my knowledge of Mary Tudor vs. Mary, Queen of Scots and after that worked a little on Horatio Nelson. I guess to say that I am a bit obsessed would be an understatement. But American history is dull. It only goes back a few hundred years. British history goes back nearly forever, from the dawn of humanity. I cannot wait to live in a city that is older than my whole country, and I know I'll be charmed by its ancient-ness.

Love Netflix. I'd be lying if I said I weren't in a rut right now. Been in a rut for a while. And that's okay, since I'm leaving soon. But now things are slow academically, romantically, socially.... Like Netflix and having all the movies I can watch. It gives the appearance of people in the apartment and the illusion of things happening to me. Bides my time.

I finished my loan applications today!!! I shall have them mailed off to the ever wonderful Paul in the Loans and Awards Dept at KCL tomorrow. Hurrah! Feel lighter than air. Only took two weeks but feels like two months. And then I am done done done, and now I'm really going, I am going to London and there is nothing to be done about it. (My only next big-not-turning-back-no-matter is buying the one-way plane ticket!) Now I can concentrate on studying, which is important as I still have no idea what my thesis will be. Yikes!

Stop wasting your time on history and rent some British comedy on Netflix instead. You have to rent the first and second seasons of "The Office". Then you will really see what makes us blokes laugh.


I LOVE THE OFFICE!!! I did rent it, and watched it over and over and laughed so hard I made myself sick. Why are there only two series? Is it all over?? Why????

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