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Saturday, July 24, 2004 

Pass Out and Half Pint

Nothing of any importance seems to be happening in my life, so I might as well tell a story that I was reminded of the yesterday when I went to the doctor and he drew blood for tests. I haven't given blood in quite a long time, because the last time I donated blood was truly awful:

A few years ago, when Akash and I were still dating, S Inc had a blood drive where the Red Cross came to work, hijacked the cafeteria, and took our blood right there in the office. Akash had never given blood before but was somehow convinced that it was the right thing to do (not for giving to others, saving lives, etc; but for his own health, how the body has to regenerate new "fresh" blood. Have I mentioned he's a hypo??) Anyhow, he was nervous about the whole deal, and I reassured him constantly. I had given blood a couple times before and had even sold my plasma in college, where they hook you to a machine and you have a needle in your arm for an hour. So I felt like I was an expert in the matter. Missy was also working there at the time, and tried to comfort him as well. He was all wound up. So Missy goes in first, gives her blood, and by the time I go in, she's sitting at the table eating her cookies and juice. I, confident as ever, lay down and the nurse sticks me and I start giving blood. Akash comes in a while after this and gets set up, and he's actually pretty calm and let's her do it. I'm looking in Missy because I'm positioned that way, and suddenly she just leans her head back and passes out cold! She sort of falls out of her chair but everyone jumps up and grabs her and helps her lay down. So funny. Then Kash is done. He looks over at me, and I'm still going, which doesn't make any sense because he started way after me. So he starts dancing around and bragging about how much better at giving blood than me he is, which attracts the nurse and she checks me out and flatly states, "You've stopped giving blood." What? Then she takes the needle and starts digging it around in my arm which is pure agony. She wants to find the vein again or something. I go white and beg her to stop before I vomit and she does. Then she says, "Well, you only gave half a pint, we can't use this," and sets me free. I sat there for half an hour and gave nothing!! I felt so ill. I go to get my cookies and juice, Kash comes over to comfort me/gloat and when I tell him what happens and he starts calling me "Half Pint" so from now on Missy and I are Pass Out and Half Pint. The Dynamic Duo!

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