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Tuesday, July 20, 2004 

British Rap

Is so different from American rap.  I got the new Streets album last week and it's slowly growing on me.  American rap is very boring lyrically I think, nowadays it's about f'ing bitches, wearing ice, rolling out, shooting gats, repeat, repeat repeat.  But musically it's better, way better bass.  The Streets has no bass, but the rhymes are better, more interesting and personal.  I shouldn't make these generalizations from one Streets album.  But so far that's what I got.  I also likes that he raps with a British accent; it seems most foreign singers when they sing, sing with American accents.  I can never figure that out.  But Skinner is very British, and he uses a lot of slang and I love it!  Maybe I'll learn a few things before I head over.  I think I know what 'fit' means now.
Feeling really good now.  Getting a lot done at work at work, and I volunteered to be a committee member for this new thing, so that should give the impression I am going to be here for a while.  I studied a lot last night, and read a lot of interesting stuff.  (Getting your molecule in the lungs is easy enough, but the stuff that goes with it can tear up the lungs, don't forget that!  Even seemingly neutral stuff can do damage, so formulators need to keep that in mind.  Fascinating!)  I also had to call the loan people and they are going to mail me my forms.  Can't apply over the internet for international schools.  So now I wait 7-10 days for them to show up.  Ugh!  What a speedbump to slow me down.  But hopefully they won't be too difficult.  I was already approved over the phone for the private loan, yay!  So the rest, how hard can it be?  I think it's mostly me signing stuff that promises my first born child before I default. 
Also finally getting rid of my bike today, to an intern here at work.  The massive apartment clean out and removal of all my earthly possessions is finally underway.  I feel lighter already.

An ya know it!

- SourKraut

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