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Tuesday, July 13, 2004 

Monetar-ily screwed

Well, while my FAFSA says I am only responsible for $14k, I think that is not the case. I will email the financial office tomorrow to make sure, but I think I am responsible for all £11 this year. That’s about $20k. And don’t forget the $8k for the dorm room. And the $6k bench fee. I thought I might be able to get some, but I forgot my acceptance letter which says “the College regrets that it is unable to waive fees or make grants or loans towards the cost of your tuition fees or maintenance.”

So I’m looking at $34k. For the first year. That doesn’t include the $10 pints I’ll be drinking after I throw myself into financial ruin. (Thanks for the heads up Rob.)

Here are the things that are keeping me sane:
1. There’s a grant (deadline Nov 1) through the National Science Foundation that seems to be basically for students who want to do research overseas. I think that if I get there, figure out what I want to do, kick some serious ass, not sleep for a month, I can get that puppy filled out and maybe they could help... alleviate... the..... severe.... pain....
2. Even if not, there’s a special scholarship called the ORS that makes up the difference between ‘home’ and ‘overseas’ fees. Which would be super awesome. Most people get those, so that should stop the bleeding at maybe $50k in the next two years.
3. People working at the University know way more about this crap and surely can guide me through all the secret tricks of the trade.
4. It can’t get any worse than this.
5. I’m cute enough to strip. Just kidding, just kidding!
6. Really? Who the fuck cares? This is my dream and I am going to live it. Money is always going somewhere, if it’s not going to pay off a loan for school, it’s paying off a loan for a house or a car or a hospital bill or a bookie or a cell phone company with their lame overage charges.... It’s not worth stressing, because I am so super financially responsible. I put over 40% of my current salary into savings. I can do that for life (so long as I never get pregnant!) And it’s no big deal to me. My folks raised me so right in that regard. Plus I have the $15k in funds and stocks and all that noise, so that will help crush it when I’m done with all this.

Now I just need to concentrate on getting the loan. Hopefully KCL can at least help me out with the Stafford stuff.

I am so calm right now it’s amazing.

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