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Thursday, July 08, 2004 

Happy Birthday to me!

Wicked good birthday. Spent the fourth with some friends of my mom's. They lived at Fort McNair in the most amazing house, literally right on the water. So beautiful. This guy's like head of the whole damn army or something. So we all sat on the lawn, eating, smoking cigars, drinking, and we watched the fireworks launching from behind the monument. It was so cool! And then going home, driving through southeast, all the ghetto kids running around, setting off fireworks. It was like we were driving through a war zone! I love this city so much, I can't believe I want to leave it.

(And look, I'm really fine with getting older, it honestly doesn't bother me in the slightest. I'm feeling better and happier than I ever have in my life, and I think I'm looking better than I have in years. Now, having said that, sometimes I do freak the teeny tiniest bit. Like, "is that a wrinkle?? Do I have cellulite?? Why does my back hurt? Fertility levels start to drop at age 28" and so on and so on. So it certainly didn't hurt when I told this kid at the party who was about 23, tall, gorgeous, and home from Operation Enduring Freedom for ankle surgery that is was my birthday tomorrow and he said, "How old are you turning, 23, 24?" I ain't gonna lie, that felt damn good!)

Got up early Friday and my family picked me up on the way to Takoma Park. My mom gave me money (for London, yay!) and my dad gave me a totally amazing digital camera. I had that ok one from xmas, but this thing is so cool! I am so excited! Get ready for tons of British pictures!!!! We went over to Sherlyn and Jerry's. My parents rented their first apartment from Sherlyn (or something like that) and we've been coming to their house for the fourth for about 27 years now. It's just the best. We went to the parade, it's so dumb and wonderful all at once. We pour champagne down our throats and dance to the steel drum bands. This year a bunch of neighbors got together and did a whole "Billionares for Bush" march, it was hilarious! Went back to the house and did the whole cookout thing, and birthday cake, and sung me happy birthday. One of their kids, Evan, brought his girlfriend, I forget her name, but she was really nice. She told me she was an au pair for a month in London and she said it was so much fun and she had a blast. I went home and passed right out, slept for six hours and missed like five birthday calls!

Called in sick on the sixth, and had an awesome mental health day. Cleaned the apartment, cooked myself all kinds of yummy food, never got out of my pajamas, and watched The Last Seduction. One of the greatest bad movies of all time, "because sometimes fucking is just fucking." Ah ahahaha. So good. Girl power. There was some unpleasantness late that night that involved a silverfish and my broom, and while the matter is not completely finished, I am proud of how I handled it. This did, however, start a whole train of thought based around, "what kind of disgusting perverted nasty-ass bugs do they have in England????" I'm a big fan of bugs, spiders, bees, daddy long legs, cicadas, I'm cool. But silverfish? NO FUCKING WAY. Am so proud of self. I talked to Heather and Kash and it's all good.

In keeping with my splurge of debauchery I called in sick again today. I shopped and shopped and shopped like a good birthday girl and bought way too many shoes, but I also dropped a big bag of clothes off at the bin for charity, so karmically I even out. Eh, I deserve it and I am going back to work tomorrow so it's all good. I am very relaxed and happy, if you couldn't tell from all the exclamation points! Now I'm watching When Harry Met Sally. This movie still cracks me up and I've seen it a thousand times. I have to make a phone call soon and I'm nervous, so I think I'll put my new black patent shiny mary janes on, they will make pacing more fun!

Totally awesome birthday and great last fourth of July. I am going to miss this time of year so much!!!!

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