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Tuesday, July 13, 2004 


Okay, here are the approximate fees for me for the upcoming year:
(because of course I won't actually get them until "mid-August.")
Tuition Fees: £12,102
Bench Fees: £3,500
Dorm Fees: ~£4,000 (for 41 weeks. May need to pay more to stay for whole year.)
For a grand total of: £19,602
At today's exchange rate (1 USD = 0.538857 GBP) that's

So maybe I work on that and then maybe if I get the grant, the grant can go towards paying that off, since it would go to my tuition anyway. No one really pays this much for grad school, right? Doctors and lawyers, but that's it. Not regular old scientists. There must be a better way around this.

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