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Sunday, July 18, 2004 

Nick's surprise party

Here's some pics from Nick's party in Clarksville (still have no idea where that is.)  Even though I was in a horrid mood, I still had fun.  I think when the hula girls made all the women get up and learn hula.  It's hard to be upset when you're hula-ing!  Scott made me go, and then I think talking to him all day got me sick, the same bug he gave Akash.  Of course, Scott and I are already feeling better, while my little hypochondriac on the West Coast is still sick and been to the doctor for weeks now.    When he's like that it's sure nice to have him 3k miles away!

Hula girls! Posted by Hello

Scott points at the coolest girl there

Scott and Missy Posted by Hello

Cool chick

Torrid Travels

In deep freeze

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