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Monday, July 19, 2004 

Baby junk

And some more pics of my friend Sambo and his new son (am getting so addicted to the new digital camera and this Hello program.)  They live in Texas, but his sister-in-law is here, interning for Dennis Kuchinich (who knew he was still running??) so they were visiting for the weekend.  TD is adorable and was very well behaved and just hysterical in the pool.  He's perfect except for something I've never before: the second he wanted something he let out a bone chilling screech!  Most babies I've seen start out small and work their way up, but he was on and off with this all night.  Apparently they had a problem one night in the hotel where the people next door came over because they thought he was being beaten or something.  It's that kind of scream.  But it was great to see Sam, I am wondering if that's the last time we see each other!!

TD in the pool Posted by Hello

TD in the tub Posted by Hello

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