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Wednesday, August 04, 2004 

Deep cleansing breaths

This nightmare of a day is just about over, thank God. I'm kind of glad that Blogger messed up and wouldn't post earlier, for my post was a raving rant of obscenities that, now that I think about, probably triggered some Porn Alarm in the Blogger system, which went on to edit out the curse words, leaving behind all the normal words of which there were none.

Anyway! This was all triggered by a message on my mobile from some woman claiming to be from KCL and claiming that she had sent me an email about a room in Wolfson House and that I had not replied to it. Of course I hadn't replied to it, because she never sent it to me. Horrid. Naturally this got-it-all-together woman didn't leave a name or a number, so spent most of lunch phoning around the college trying to hunt her down, but then I think everyone had gone home and I couldn't talk to anyone. Sent an email to the KCL accommodation office, and will review my info at home tonight (could I have given her another email address? Maybe I'll wake later and find this all a dream?) and hopefully this can all be straightened out tomorrow.

Unfortunately, Wolfson's House is about a mile from my laboratory. What a mess. I'll be near Guy's Campus and pretty close to London Bridge. Does anyone know anything about that area? I'm happy to have a room, but this is not what I wanted, and I am frustrated that I thought I would be in one place but instead am in another.

Or maybe not. Perhaps this Mystery Woman has already given my room to someone else and I'll be forced to live in a closet in manner of Paddington Bear or similar. But I'll be damned if that will stop me! Am going to be a world famous, international traveling doctor! She can't do this to me!

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