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Wednesday, August 04, 2004 

Blogs, Props, and other nonsensical words

My little blog has been blowing up and people are leaving such funny and witty comments left and right. I love it! They do make some points. I assume most of them are British, since that's who I scour the internet for and try to make contact with. In regards to one comment, I do wonder how long it will take me to get acclimated to living in London and stop thinking of it as "them" and "us." Of course, there's no way in knowing, but I have a very profound feeling that I am going to love it there. Even though I have only spent five hours in London, and think I am smart enough to know better it's not all Royalty, tea, and East Enders, I just have a gut feeling that it is the place for me. I doubt I'll be able to stay there forever (unless I marry some Brit bloke, but let's face it, I am eternally single) but maybe I will. I think it is the most magical place and have no qualms about the joys of discovery regarding language, cheeses, and muffins. I am looking forward to discovering what "they" do differently and then taking what I like about that and weaving it into the international tapestry that I will become. Well, that's all well and good until I start dropping my h's. Then I have to put my foot down and stay true to my American roots!

Stratford upon Avon welcomes you. If you can find the time to stop weaving away at your international tapestry let me know and we can check out the sights and sounds together. Ye olde McDonalds, the thatched Starbucks, Blockbusters, the list is endless...

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