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Friday, August 20, 2004 

New Definition of Me


v. tr.
To send into exile. See Synonyms at banish.
To remove (oneself) from residence in one's native land.

v. intr.
To give up residence in one's homeland.
To renounce allegiance to one's homeland.

n. (-t, -t)
One who has taken up residence in a foreign country.
One who has renounced one's native land.

I just realized today that I am soon to become an expatriate. How bizarre. Brings very strange images to mind... I thought I would look up the actual definition to see, and I guess I was thinking more along the lines of the first definition, not the second. I was leading more along the lines of one who's like seeking asylum from their country and they've run away to start a new life. I'm nothing like that! I'm in need of a little adventure and a change of perspective, not to renounce allegiance to my homeland.

Or you could be an x-patriot! As in XTREME-PATRIOT! YEAH! I'm so lame.


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