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Monday, August 30, 2004 

Late Night Again

Late night again. And unfortunately Akash is victim of my new sleeping schedule because he is crashing here tonight, visiting me one more last time before I depart (or maybe forever *gasp*!!) Here is said schedule:
Awake - 630am to midnight
Sleep - midnight to 4am
Awake - 4am to 5 or 6am
Sleep - 6am to 630am
Maybe this explains why I am sick all the time now. I don't know why my body does this, or better, why it decides that last half hour is all that crucial since it knocks me out and makes it impossible for me to get back up on time so that I end up hitting "snooze" on the alarm for an hour and then am late for work.

But I'm not going to work tomorrow, I am hanging with A and then taking him to lunch and the airport. Then I have a million and one things to do after that, including more drinking with a friend, as if I haven't had enough of that this weekend!

Mailed my Visa application on Thursday. Passport now in the hands of the United States Postal Office, which is never a good organization to trust to fate. But hopefully it will return to me with just enough documentation stamped inside so that I will get tripped up at customs and have to show more transcripts.

Received dorm info on Thursday and turns out they've changed their minds again and put me in a different dorm. I'm happy because I think it will be a nicer dorm but it's also even further away, now about a mile and a half I think, which might be too far to walk everyday. I don't know. We'll see.

Will quit my job Tuesday. Will go to North Carolina for the last time this weekend. Will start selling my furniture this week. I don't know, it's all so hectic and I have a million things to do, no wonder I can't sleep with them all swimming around in my head, waiting to be thought of and then executed. Found a great booklet on the KCL website for international students, which looks to be most helpful, so that has eased my mind some. Why they didn't send it to me or alert me of its presence is beyond me. But who doesn't like a challenge!!

Lots of fun this weekend. Akash appears to be the uniting force that brings us all together, because have seen a lot of people this weekend that I haven't seen in quite a while. But I blame my own anti-social tendencies for most of that. Saturday was fun, everyone ended up at my apartment playing Mario Kart 64, arguably one of the best video games of all time. And then a lot of people went out Saturday night in Adams Morgan, the most colorful and scuzziest part of town I think, but a lot of fun. We just sat in a bar and drank pitchers. I was wearing a mini-skirt that I didn't think was too short but all the guys said it was so who knows? And at one point I was sitting on a bar stool at a table (being careful that my skirt did not become too revealing) and my friend Matt tells me there is this guy sitting at the bar trying to look up my skirt! We laugh because you can't see anything. A few minutes later I stand up to move and my eyes graze by the bar and I see this guy just staring at my skirt for myself. I laugh again because this type of thing doesn't really bother me, and then the guy looks up at my face and I yell, "Busted!"
Guy: What? I didn't do anything.
Matt: *points at Guy and hollers* You were trying to look up her skirt!!!
Guy: *startled* What? No, I- I didn't do anything.
Me: Oh whatever, you were so totally looking up my skirt! At least have the balls to 'fess up to it!
Guy: No, I.. whatever, you guys are lame. I'm leaving!
And then he left the bar! Oh, I was dying! The guy must have thought Matt was going to kill him, they way he pointed at him and yelled. Hysterical.

And then on the way home as I was walking by myself to the metro a drunk lesbian tried to hit on my in front of her girlfriend. That was a new one for me!

Okay, my typing is becoming seriously retarded, I'm going to try to sleep again....

20 days and 14 hours............

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